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February 2021
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• Sign up for the Career Discovery webinar Exploring Engineering Careers (Thursday, Feb. 25, 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST) to hear firsthand insights from our panelists and be entered for a chance to win a mindfulness coaching session with ASCE member Elyssa Dixon, P.E., mindfulness and meditation coach. Mindfulness practice can have benefits from improved mental health to increased empathy, patience, and compassion. The series continues the fourth Thursday of every month with future editions focusing on careers in education, construction, and industry.

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5 Engineering Skills That Can Help Fight Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is all around us and growing. In 2018, 37 million Americans (11.5 percent), struggled with hunger. By October 2020, nearly 50 million (15 percent) were experiencing food insecurity, including 17 million children. City Engineer Melanie Carlson of Fairfield, Iowa, offers five engineering skills to help you combat food insecurity in your community.
Mental Health and Civil Engineering

How can you ensure your mental health and productivity during these challenging times? ASCE Career by Design can help manage stress, empathize with your colleagues, and avoid burnout during the pandemic.
Challenge: Around the World in XX Days in YY Ways

In Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days,” the main character Phileas Fogg accepted a challenge to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. Today, the modes of transportation have changed, but ASCE’s Transportation and Development Institute is offering the same logistical challenge:

Circumnavigate the globe as fast as you can using at least 10 modes of transportation. You do not need to physically travel around the world for this challenge, but you will need to “pass” through certain locations.

Deadline for submissions is April 23. Finalist will be invited to present their journey at the International Conference on Transportation and Development in the summer of 2021.

Questions? Visit the T&DI forum on ASCE Collaborate.
Enter the Daniel W. Mead Student Contest

The deadline for submissions to the Daniel W. Mead Student Contest is March 1. Members of student organizations of the Society in good standing at the time their papers are submitted are eligible for the contest, unless they have previously received the award. See this year’s topic and enter.
What Toys Inspired Your Civil Engineering Career?

Jan. 28 marked National LEGO Day in the United States, which makes it something close to a national holiday among civil engineers.

“Although I did not connect it to civil engineering at the time, I loved playing with LEGOs as a little kid. I especially loved the Harry Potter sets since it connected to my love of reading while still letting me build random creations for my mini-figures,” said Danielle Schroeder, EIT, A.M.ASCE, associate bridge engineer, Pennoni, in a discussion about the toys that inspired civil engineering careers on ASCE Collaborate.

Read more highlights from the discussion.
Does Your Student Chapter Have an Outstanding Faculty Advisor?

Nominate him or her for the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award. The deadline for nominations is May 1.
Does Your Student Chapter Have An Outstanding Leader?

Nominate him or her for the Student Leadership Award. The deadline is May 1.
Submit your photo to the 2021 Bridges Contest

Do you have a favorite bridge? Capture it in a great photo and submit it to the 2021 ASCE Bridges Photo Contest. Judges will recognize two winners in each of seven categories. Cash prizes will be awarded to the 14 winning images, and as always, all submissions are eligible for inclusion in ASCE’s next Bridges calendar. Find out how to win at
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What’s one thing you wish you knew before college? Share your experience here.

Did you have toys that inspired you to be an engineer? Share your story here.
Slideshow: Shanghai School ‘Village’ Welcomes Library, Theaters

A new library and theater designed for the new Qingpu Pinghe International School in Shanghai has opened. Dubbed the “Bibliotheater,” the massive structure combines an expansive library, a generous 500-seat auditorium-style theater, and a cozy 150-seat black box theater into one aesthetically playful building. The school has been designed to resemble a village, with a variety of dedicated, unique structures.